How to choose the wiring team the first time?


Any electrical work must be carried out exclusively by professional electricians under the guidance of qualified engineers and on the basis of a well-designed circuit. The presence of these conditions is necessary for the correct selection of the wiring team for wiring and installation of electrical equipment in residential buildings, production shops and public-commercial facilities.


Criteria for choosing a professional electrical team

  1. The availability of appropriate education, approvals and licenses.
  2. Experience in the field of electrical installation – from seven years. This time is enough for the electrician to manage to encounter typical mistakes and learn to prevent them in the future.
  3. The necessary material and technical base – tools, electrical and diagnostic equipment of only a professional level. Do not choose electricians who use household tools and testers.
  4. Recommendations and examples of work.
  5. Having your own supplier base.
  6. High workload.
  7. Perfect command of the topic.

Do not choose a wiring team that does not have a clear understanding of the principles of work and agreement on pricing. You do not need to choose a master who constantly bustles and strives to count you more than necessary or to impose unnecessary services.


Licenses and admissions

To perform electrical work, the contractor must be licensed by the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate (in Ukrainian, DABI). This condition is mandatory for teams performing electrical installation at hazardous production facilities, as well as during the installation of electrical equipment for transport systems and in public buildings.

The license includes an application with a list of permitted types of work. When choosing a wiring team or organization, you should inquire about the availability of such a document. In addition, the application should be of interest to you type of electrical work.

Each electrician in the wiring team must have the appropriate approval for the installation of electrical equipment of a certain group. To provide standard electrical installation services for the population and small public-commercial facilities, an electrical safety clearance group is needed – up to 1000V. The presence of such an admission is evidenced by an appropriate certificate issued by a certified training and certification center.


Prices for services of electric installation teams

The price selection criterion in this case is very indicative. The work of an electrician is skilled labor and no one will be held liable for damages to property and human health caused as a result of an electrical accident.

The qualification of the master is proportional to the cost of his services. Homegrown self-taught electricians are not particularly worried about their reputation and try to attract customers not with recommendations, but with a low price. This is a dangerous trap that can result in serious financial costs for the complete replacement of wiring and electrical equipment, as well as for new repairs.

You can recognize the fair price for the services of electric installation teams by a simple ratio of the cost of materials and services. Before choosing an electrician, ask him to paint all the articles of the estimate. Depending on the manufacturer and the quality level of components, the cost of electrical work and the amount of material costs are approximately equal. You can easily check the prices of components in the store or on the Internet.

If the cost of wiring is suspiciously low compared to the cost of components, you should not choose this wiring team. According to the same principle, it is not necessary to order services from an electrician, the cost of which is two or more times the cost of materials.


Compliance with standards and fair prices.

The wiring team of our company has many years of successful experience at facilities in Kiev and the Kiev region. We have the appropriate license from GASI (DABI), all electricians have a tolerance of up to 1000V. Transparent pricing, modern professional equipment and the provision of a guarantee for the work performed will allow you to choose exactly our wiring team.

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