What is a smart home?


Smart home technology is a comprehensive automation of management of all internal engineering networks and control over their functioning. Such systems are designed to facilitate, simplify and protect life, not only in an individual cottage, but also in city apartments.

How does a smart home work?

The system works according to your predefined or standard predefined script. In it, you can specify the temperature regime in each individual room, the schedule for turning on and off the light, turning on the irrigation of lawns, etc. Depending on the complexity and scope of the smart home system, there may be:

The concept of a central console in modern technology of a smart home is purely conditional. All control processes can be performed on a remote server. Access to it is carried out via the Internet using a computer, tablet or smartphone with the appropriate application.

For commercial execution of smart home systems, it is necessary to ensure constant access of the system to the worldwide network.

Why do you need a smart home?

Automating the work of home engineering networks – this saves you time for constant monitoring of many parameters of the engineering systems: water supply, climate, lighting, energy consumption, smart home system – will ensure safe operation and control every component in a timely manner! (replacement of filters, pressure in pipelines, supply voltage, accident of blocks, etc.)

The smart home system is your “butler”, who independently:

Floor spill sensors and automatic input taps, sockets and switches with a GSM module, automated heating and climate control systems, video surveillance and burglar alarms – all this is already widely used both in a single version and in the complex. The consolidated smart home system combines all these devices in a single application, on any smartphone.

How much is a smart home?

The price of such a system depends on its configuration and the complexity of the functionality. A set of equipment for a smart home for an apartment or a country cottage can include a wide variety of devices, sensors and automated drives. It can be either simple temperature sensors or motion sensors, or complex security video equipment and the Multiroom speaker system, which allows you to listen to your favorite music in all rooms without having to transfer the player.

How to make a smart home?

Our company has been working in the Kiev market for many years in the field of electrical installation and automation of control systems in residential premises. We will draw up a technically competent smart home project in accordance with your wishes and capabilities. We select and install all the necessary elements of the system and offer the optimal price for complex turnkey work. The most correct way to think about the smart home system is in the early stages of home design.

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