Electrical installation


A competent design of power supply, accurate selection of electrical equipment, sufficient qualifications of an electrician and compliance with safety rules are the main components of high-quality electrical installation. The professionalism of the craftsmen and a highly skilled project team combined with reliable supplies make it possible to create a workable trouble-free engineering network, whether in a residential building, in a production workshop or any other public facility.


Professional electrical installation in Kiev

Having many years of successful experience in electrical work in residential, industrial and public-commercial facilities, we guarantee not only the quality of our services, but also strict compliance with domestic and European safety standards regarding electrical networks.

The use of high-quality components produced by world-famous and Ukrainian manufacturers, such as Contact, ELETON, Odeskabel, SKaT, ABB, Sabaj, Hager, Pollo, Möller, Siemens ”,“ Legrand ”,“ Nexans ”,“ Massive ”,“ Eglo ”and“ DEVI ”allow us to ensure trouble-free operation of the networks we design and construct.

We provide turn-key electrical installation services in Kiev and Kiev region. The availability of our own design department, installation team and qualified line masters allows you install, power grids of varying complexity from scratch.


Design of power grids in accordance with PUE, DSTU and DBN

Our company employs qualified electrical engineers with extensive experience in the design of electrical work at facilities of any purpose and size. The integration of innovative technologies in the field of electrical installation into projects allows us to create efficient electric networks of both low power for domestic consumers and high-power for industrial networks with the highest margin of safety.

Each design scheme and specification of electrical equipment meets the system requirements for control in compliance with DSTU (GOST) and DBN D.2.4-17-2000 standards “Electrical work” (Resource elemental estimated norms for repair and construction works) depending on the purpose and size of the object. For electrical installation in residential buildings, technical documentation is compiled in accordance with DBN B.2.5-23-2003 (Engineering equipment of buildings and structures. Design of electrical equipment for civilian facilities).

One of the main expert checks of the design wiring documentation is aimed at compliance with the regulatory framework of the Electrical Installation Rules (PUE). Each of our projects and the direct process of wiring strictly complies with the regulations of the EMP.

Electrical wiring design is an important stage of design work. Its importance is due to the need to accurately select the cross section of the electric cable, its material and electrical insulation characteristics in accordance with the magnitude of the connected peak load. It is equally important to rationally distribute the wiring throughout the facility, taking into account fire safety measures, minimizing electromagnetic radiation and preventing accidental damage to the cable when drilling walls.

The project clearly spells out the composition and regulation of electrical work. All complicating factors and the total power load on the power grid are taken into account.


The composition of electrical work

With a ready-made project for the engineering network, our craftsmen begin direct electrical installation, which, depending on the facility and the characteristics of the electrical network, may include various types of work.

  • Connecting an internal network to a centralized power supply (220 and 380V).
  • Installation and dismantling of electricity meters and switchboards.
  • Wall chipping for electrical wiring and milling blind holes for socket boxes.
  • Laying of cable channels, corrugated pipes, metal sleeves and electric cables.
  • Installation and dismantling of transformer and throttle units.
  • Installing new and replacing old outlets and switches.
  • Installation and connection of lighting devices, replacement of cartridges and lamps.
  • Installation and dismantling of various electrical equipment: lighting, heating, communications, etc.

In addition, we carry out a number of preliminary operations and other types of electrical installation services, depending on the needs of the customer, provided our engineers have appropriate access.

How we are working?

Regardless of the size of the object, whether it be a small private house or a multi-storey retail and office center, electrical work is carried out in the standard sequence.

  1. Analysis of the condition of the object and its design and technical documentation.
  2. Drafting and coordinating with the customer of the technical specification (TOR) for the design of the power supply system.
  3. Designing the wiring diagram and work plan with the preparation of a detailed design (RP), specifications of components and cost estimates based on the approved TK.
  4. Coordinating with the customer of the specification of equipment and components, as well as the general estimate of electrical work.
  5. Supply of electrical equipment and components to the facility in accordance with the construction schedule.
  6. Direct wiring according to the RP with the introduction of agreed clarifications in the event of unforeseen complicating factors.
  7. Commissioning, issuing operational document and certificate.


Prices for electrical work

An honest and transparent pricing policy is one of the main advantages of our company. We do not promise cheap wiring, but we guarantee high quality services and affordable prices for everyone. A detailed price list for electrical work is given in the table.

Estimated calculation is one of the main stages of the design of electric networks. We draw up a detailed specification of electrical equipment, cable products and related materials for approval by the customer. In accordance with the allocated budget and the features of the facility, the class of electrical equipment and its manufacturer are selected. In case of unforeseen complicating factors, where deemed necessary   costs can be adjusted and reconciled with the customer in the course of electrical installation procedure.

In addition to wiring, we charge for integrated power supply of residential and public-commercial facilities in Kiev and the Kiev region, whether it is a store, a commercial office building or a shopping center with a monthly subscription.