SCS (Structured Cabling System)


Having many years of successful experience in electrical work and the design of internal engineering networks, the TECHNICIANS GROUP company performs the installation of SCS (structured cabling systems) in office centers and other large public and commercial facilities in Kiev and Kiev region.

An integrated approach to the formation of local communication networks – from design to commissioning, allows us to perform the installation of SCS “turnkey” with subsequent service. High qualification of system engineers, the use of innovations in the field of local networks, honest transparent pricing and a guarantee of the operability of the created system are our main advantages.

SCS appointment

A structured cabling system is a branched network of local communications, which commutes various types of digital and analog equipment from a single center:

  • computer and other office equipment;
  • Phones and PBX;
  • CCTV;
  • access control devices.

SCS systems are the “nervous network” of a living office organism, which ensures not only communication, but also coordination of almost all production processes. The quality of its formation depends on:

  • security of the entire office;
  • data exchange rate;
  • the cost of the entire SCS and its maintenance;
  • ease of connecting new points and flexibility in organizing jobs.

Ergonomics of structured systems is another feature of a professionally formed local area network. Ergonomic SCS is not just the convenience in its operation and maintenance, it is the rational use of the physical space of the building with its trunk (floor) and horizontal (floor) local networks and switching equipment. Real operational costs, including energy supply, maintenance and air conditioning of rooms with switches, depend on a competently drawn up project, correctly selected SCS equipment and quality installation.

SCS design

Drawing up an engineering project for a structured cabling system is the most important stage in its formation. All possible errors must be noticed and corrected in the project, since you can only test the system by installing and running it. After installing the SCS, each miscalculation detected entails a large correction cost. Such errors can completely depreciate the entire network and equipment purchased if it is necessary to completely rebuild it due to unforeseen circumstances and miscalculations.

Engineering design and installation of SCS is carried out in our company under the guidance of experienced system engineers. The team work of the project department makes it possible to minimize the risk of errors in the project.

In the process of team design of SCS, verification calculations are performed:

  • capacity of the necessary equipment;
  • number of switching ports;
  • type and total length of cable products.

Prudent accounting of the prospective growth of the office LAN network congestion is a characteristic feature of experienced engineers. When drafting the SCS system, we always take into account the perspective:

  • expanding the total number of connection points;
  • increase the speed of data exchange;
  • the emergence of new types of connected equipment.

The SCS project is compiled taking into account all industry standards. The following schemes are included in the design documentation:

  • communication grounding structure;
  • cable networks and equipment layout;
  • arrangement of panels in wiring closets and racks;
  • connection of cable networks in panels;
  • distribution of user points;
  • connection of floor networks to the interfloor highway.

During the design of SCS, a detailed specification of equipment and supplies is compiled. Based on the working draft and the list of components, the total installation estimate is calculated.


Equipment for SCS

The concept of a structured cabling system is understood to mean a universal local cable network of a building, in which the passive switching equipment of SCS plays the main role. Such equipment can be divided into five main groups.

  • Cabinets (cross-country or cross equipment) – the main switching elements designed to switch from multi-pair trunk cables to ordinary four-pair cables.
  • Patch panels – patch panels designed for manual switching of lines and users.
  • Patch cords – patch cords with connectors (0.5-5 m long) designed to connect fiber-optic and electrical cable systems.
  • Information sockets for connecting end users, office equipment and other SCS elements.
  • Cables are the main connecting element of a structured cabling system.

The choice of the type and manufacturers of equipment for SCS is made depending on the functionality of the system being built and the allocated budget. The total price for the installation of SCS also depends on the selected components. We only work with trusted suppliers and use exclusively certified safe components.


Installation of SCS networks

Direct installation work begins after coordination with the customer of the working draft, specifications and estimates. Installation of SCS in the office and in other public-commercial or industrial premises, as well as in apartment buildings is carried out taking into account the provisions of the relevant DBN, PUE and DSTU (GOST).

We have a license from GASI (DBI) for the design and conduct of electrical work. Installation of SCS is carried out by qualified personnel with the necessary approval for wiring and laying local communication networks.

The finished structured cabling system is commissioned and tested for errors, breaks, and incorrect wiring. The prepared technical documentation is transmitted to the system administrators serving the building. We guarantee the perfect operation of all SCS designed and constructed by us.