Security systems and video surveillance


The TECHNICIANS GROUP company has many years of successful experience in the design and installation of video surveillance systems, security and access control at facilities in Kiev and Kiev region. Offering a comprehensive approach – from design to commissioning and maintenance, we provide installation of security systems for the home, office, restaurant store or any other public and production facilities on a turnkey basis.


Selection, installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems

The selection of equipment for video surveillance and the preparation of an effective scheme for arranging cameras is a complex process that requires certain knowledge and experience. Independent or any other amateurish installation of video surveillance will simply depreciate all the costs and efforts. A number of common errors can lead to this:

  • “dead” zones that are not in the field of visibility;
  • “blinding” of the cameras by the rays of the sun;
  • crowns of trees, if the installation of video surveillance was carried out in winter;
  • power outages and communications.

To avoid such problems and waste, we recommend that you contact only professionals. Our company installs a turnkey video surveillance system in Kiev. Such a comprehensive service includes:

  • engineering design;
  • supply of equipment;
  • installation and commissioning;
  • setup and service.

The price of installing CCTV cameras for a home or office depends on both the equipment itself and the complexity of the facility. The cost of the project and installation of security video equipment is affected by:

  • type of cameras – analog or digital, resolution, night vision, etc .;
  • number of observation points;
  • features of the focal point;
  • remote access via the Internet;
  • power and communication characteristics;
  • The architecture of the building and the landscape of the surrounding area.

Departure of our master at the facility will allow you to analyze the situation and competently draw up an engineering project based on your wishes, safety requirements and financial capabilities. After agreeing on the project and estimates, we proceed to the installation of video surveillance with subsequent commissioning.



Design and installation of security systems

The modern security complex, in addition to video surveillance, includes three main elements:

  • safety system;
  • security alarm;
  • access control.

In combination with constant visual observation, such a security structure makes it possible to minimize malicious intrusion into the protected area at times and speed up the search for violators if they still managed to get to the object.

Security systems for the office, shop, restaurant, warehouse or production hall are also a tool for controlling the movement of employees. This minimizes the risk of theft of inventory items by staff.

Integrated security systems for the home is not just an electronic peephole, but also the ability to remotely monitor what is happening in the cottage or in the garden. Using a wireless connection, IP cameras transmit video and a burglar alarm signal via Wi-Fi or GSM connection. Having access to a video surveillance system at home or office, you can watch what is happening from your tablet or smartphone. The feedback is similarly performed.

Digital home security systems are suitable not only for private cottages, but also for small city apartments. Cameras installed inside the apartment and in common areas will allow you to conduct video surveillance in your absence. Such security systems are actively installed in new buildings in Kiev.


Security systems

A complete security complex will be truly effective only if there is a consolidated management of all its elements. Security and video surveillance systems are managed through a single focal point. These functions can be performed by a physical control unit at large guarded objects or a virtual remote control in your gadget, when it comes to security at home or a small office. At the same time, the security complex must have the function of sending an alarm to the security service.

The TECHNICIANS GROUP company carries out the installation of any security systems at residential and commercial facilities in Kiev. We will select the best option for you, depending on the scale of the room and the allocated budget. One of the most popular in Ukraine was the Ajax security system. An excellent combination of price and functionality, a sufficient level of reliability and protection against illegal implementation are its main advantages.


Security alarm

Before the direct installation of security alarms in offices and other industrial and commercial facilities, we conduct a thorough analysis of the protected area and premises. We analyze not only architectural features, building dimensions, the number of doors and windows, but also factors such as:

  • Visibility of the relief of the open adjacent territory;
  • number of people with access;
  • frequency of work;
  • state of power supply and communications.

The security alarm system for a private house or apartment is designed and installed with no less thorough study of every detail. If necessary, we recommend installing uninterruptible power systems if in the cottage village or at the cottage there are power outages.

The installation of a burglar alarm, whether it is a private house, a small cottage, a city apartment, an office or a large production facility, is carried out as soon as possible. Installation of the security complex also includes its configuration, debugging and connection to the security service console.


Access control

To ensure the proper level of security, it is necessary to provide not only alarms and video surveillance, but also control the entrance and entry to the protected area. Access control and management systems (ACS) are widely used in offices, at production enterprises, in shopping and entertainment centers and other public and commercial facilities.

ACS allow not only to reduce the risk of malicious penetration, but also to automate the access control process, eliminating the human factor from it. This reduces the risk of collusion with security guards.

Autonomous access control systems are also used in residential buildings. On-door speakerphones in apartment buildings, electronic keys for entering a closed playground or sports ground in a house adjoining territory, entering a parking lot and into a personal garage with mechanized gates – these are all types of ACS for a house.

We will select the access control system that is optimal for you, taking into account the specifics of the working process at a commercial facility, the characteristics of the local area for home security complexes and the allocated budget.