Smart home system


The smart home system brings comfort, safety and calmness  in your house atmosphere. Integrated automation of control of electrical appliances, heating, air conditioning, audio and video equipment, garage doors and even watering the lawn makes it possible not only to simplify life in a country cottage, but also significantly reduce the cost of its maintenance.


Smart home system features

Modern smart home systems are also suitable for apartments. Video surveillance and alarm, climate control in every room, turning on and off the lights or playing your favorite music in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in any other room without your having to switch the playing device – this is only a short and  incomplete list of advantages.

The automated system of a smart house will block water or gas itself if leak sensors work. This will not only save you from the possible an explosion of domestic gas, but also save the apartment from flooding with water from a failed tap, a faulty washing machine, dishwasher or boiler. Such a function will  not only protect your floor, but also save your money in case of  causing water damage to your neighbors.



The smart home system itself is still an innovation, but progress is also being made in the field of software, wireless communications and artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, the house becomes really smart. It collects information about your preferences and creates the most comfortable living conditions for you.

The smart home equipment kit can include a wide variety of devices.

  • GSM sockets and switches for remote control of lighting and electrical appliances wirelessly.
  • Alarms, motion sensors, CCTV cameras and memory drives for them.
  • Water spill sensors, gas leaks, and temperature sensors.
  • Acoustics, video equipment and multimedia equipment;
  • Automated lawn watering systems.
  • Entrance and garage door drives with remote control.

The smart home wireless system is combined into a single focal point. It can be either a physical control unit or a virtual remote control in your tablet or smartphone. The presence of access to the terrestrial Internet or mobile phone makes it possible to remotely control your smart home and control all the processes in it, including air temperature, starting heating or heating water for your arrival.

Design, installation and maintenance

Having many years of successful experience in the design, installation and maintenance of smart home systems in Kiev, the specialized company TECHNICIANS GROUP offers comprehensive solutions for the automation of turnkey management of home engineering networks. We will select the most optimal set of functions and equipment for you, depending on your preferences, technical capabilities of the object and allocated budget.

Installation begins only after competent design of the smart home system by qualified engineers in close connection with IT specialists. Such consolidation makes it possible to introduce the latest digital innovations.

The use of IT-technologies opens up great opportunities for regular system updates to make your smart home even smarter. At the same time, the installed set of equipment can be supplemented, updated and improved over time as new requirements for the functionality of a smart home arise. After final coordination with the customer of the project and a set of necessary functions, we draw up a specification of equipment and auxiliary components.

The direct installation of smart home systems in Kiev apartments and in private country cottages is carried out only by experienced electricians under the guidance of qualified engineers. For all electrical work, we provide a guarantee.

The subsequent operation of the smart home by customers in Kiev and in the Kiev region is controlled by our service department. We will quickly fix any failures in the system or reconfigure it to your new requirements.

Advantages of installing a smart home system in the TECHNICIANS GROUP

Our company has the appropriate license GASI (DBI) for electrical installation in residential and public-commercial premises. All masters have the necessary tolerance up to 1000V. Due to this, we guarantee the impeccable quality of electrical work performed as part of the installation of the smart home system.

The use of only reliable certified components from trusted suppliers makes it possible to guarantee the safe functioning of not only household appliances, but also the system equipment itself without failures, short circuits in the network and other emergency situations.

The installation of a wireless smart home system in the TECHNICIANS GROUP has several other advantages.

  • A complex approach. We do not only install lighting controllers, water sensors or video surveillance systems, but we take care of the entire complex with maximum functionality.
  • Turnkey smart home. Own engineers, IT-specialists, electricians and service masters allow us to work from scratch until the full century.

You can buy a  smart home system with base functions for individual rooms. For example, it can be only the most dangerous places in an emergency sense – a kitchen, bathrooms, a sauna, etc. We will select the optimal set of functions for you and make your life in a spacious cottage or in a small-sized city apartment as comfortable as possible.