Multiroom system


A modern smart home is inconceivable without the multi-room system, a multimedia know-how that has at times expanded the capabilities of audio and video equipment. Now you no longer have to go around the house with the player and the headphone, with a portable speaker or switch the player when moving from the bath to the kitchen, to the bedroom or even to the summer terrace.


Opportunities, advantages and composition of the multiroom system

Home theater acoustics, projection equipment, and multi-channel audio systems for reproducing surround sound can now be combined into one multi-room system. The name of the equipment complex speaks about its capabilities. In the literal translation from English it is “multi-room”.

The installation of speakers and a subwoofer in each room of a private house or city apartment makes it possible to enjoy your favorite music, anywhere and even under water in the pool. Special settings allow you to automatically switch the acoustics between rooms, depending on the location of the person.

The additional installation of home theaters with their integration into the multiroom system is the maximum pleasure of high-quality multimedia content directly at your home


“Multiroom” is:

  • convenient control of video and audio tracks from a tablet or smartphone;
  • advanced sound settings and home theater image adjustments;
  • intellectual distribution of surround sound depending on the number of people and their distribution in the room;
  • integration of video surveillance into a common system of televisions, monitors and video projectors;
  • voice notification of an incident (gas leak, smoke, spillage of water from a faulty washing machine, etc.).

The composition of the multiroom system includes:

  • one central switching and transmitting device;
  • receivers – portable audio speakers, stationary Hi-Fi and Hi-End speakers, TVs, plasma and home theater projectors;
  • source of audio and video signal;
  • control touch panel.

The main multiroom device is connected to gadgets with a special application installed. In addition to the wall-mounted touch panel, you can control music and video content in your smart home using a regular smartphone, tablet, personal computer or laptop.

The secondary control element of the multiroom is the traditional remote control. This is a more familiar and still the most convenient way for most people to control the TV and audio system.

The signal source for the distributor of the multiroom system can be:

  • satellite equipment (TV tuner and receiver);
  • media players (consoles Apple TV, Android TV or Cromecast).
  • music centers and AV-receivers for playing CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs;
  • home media servers (file storages);
  • CCTV cameras and burglar alarms.

Data transfer in a “multi-room” usually takes place via a classic home Wi-Fi wireless network, but in rare cases it can also be wired for higher sound purity in rooms with reduced cross-country ability of electromagnetic waves.

Design and installation of multiroom systems

The specialized company TECHNICIANS GROUP performs a comprehensive development, installation and maintenance of equipment for smart homes in Kiev and Kiev region. Having many years of successful experience in the installation of digital local area networks, we offer professional design and installation of multi-room systems in residential cottages and city apartments, as well as the installation of a full home theater system.

Our team of qualified engineers and system administrators performs:

  • development of a comprehensive project of the multiroom system;
  • turnkey installation of acoustics and video equipment elements, including and installation of home theaters;
  • supply of certified equipment and all components;
  • installation, connection and configuration of the main and peripheral devices.

In our company you can buy a multiroom system in full accordance with your ideas about home theaters and comfortable acoustics in the house. We will select the best option for you, depending on the allocated budget and the characteristics of the premises.

In the presence of an existing security video surveillance system, we commute it with the “multi-room”. Such a combination makes it possible to view on a TV image not only from external surveillance cameras, but also from internal ones. For example, you can periodically switch from your favorite movie to the camera in the children’s bedroom where your baby is sleeping to monitor the situation.

The design and installation of home theaters and multiroom systems, as well as the commissioning of Hi-Fi / Hi-End component equipment is carried out both in Kiev and in the Kiev region at the most favorable prices in Ukraine.

Before starting the design, our specialist will go to your site to analyze the situation on the spot and collect your wishes. We have a license from GASI (DABI) for electrical installation in residential, industrial and public-commercial premises. All electrical work during installation of the multiroom system strictly complies with the provisions of DBN, PUE and DSTU (GOST).