smart climate


 Smart climate in an apartment or in a country cottage, in an office or in a shopping and entertainment center is a comprehensive automation of all processes associated with creating a comfortable microclimate in the room. Heating, air conditioning, ventilation and other additional functions, whether humidification or ionization of the air, must be clearly coordinated.

Without a common climate and heating control system, various inconsistencies can be observed that will lead to meaningless energy costs. A classic example of this is when a “warm floor” heats the air and air conditioners cool it.


Management and system capabilities

A smart home cannot function normally without an integrated climate control system, as maintaining a comfortable microclimate is one of its main functional tasks. The installation of smart climate control in residential, office and other public and commercial premises makes it possible to coordinate the work of all elements of heating, air conditioning and ventilation to achieve the specified values ​​of temperature, humidity and other air parameters.

Smart climate systems independently select the most rational mode of operation of all their elements in accordance with user-specified values. This allows you to not only make the microclimate in the rooms as comfortable as possible, but also save a lot of money on energy.


Professional installation of climate control and heating

The specialized company TECHNICIANS GROUP has many years of successful experience in the field of home climate systems and equipping smart homes in Kiev. Our own design department, installation team and customer service allow us to carry out a comprehensive turnkey installation of climate control in private homes and city apartments in Kiev and Kiev region.

  • Selection of optimal heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for you.
  • Choosing effective equipment depending on tasks and allocated budget.
  • Registration of all design and operational documentation.
  • Search for optimal microclimate regimes in a home, office, store or restaurant.
  • The introduction of smart climate technology in a smart home.
  • Supply and installation of certified equipment from reliable suppliers.
  • Setting up and programming the climate system with its subsequent connection and commissioning.
  • Warranty and after-sales service.

Drawing up a competent project by qualified engineers makes it possible to rationally use not only energy, but also the interior space of the premises. Smart climate is the maximum efficiency of heating, air conditioning and ventilation due to the correct selection and ergonomic arrangement of climate equipment.

Climate control

The effective operation of smart climate control is also ensured by combining the management of all elements of the system into a single focal point. It can be either a physical electronic distribution unit or a virtual remote control in your smartphone or tablet. Wireless communication technologies with climate control elements (servos on radiators, etc.) allow you to remotely control them, put them into operation for a certain time before arriving home and monitor the situation in the room.

The operation of the smart climate control system is based on the constant monitoring of key climate indicators using temperature and humidity sensors. Based on deviations from the set parameters, heating or conditioning, humidification or drying of air is automatically started. Some climate control systems may be equipped with carbon dioxide analyzers. Such sensors allow you to more correctly adjust the operation of ventilation equipment.

Air conditioning and heating

Smart climate control in an apartment or in a private house is a comfortable temperature for each family member in his personal room. Each room has its own microclimate parameters that are supported by the system.


The use of climate control in the ventilation system makes it possible to optimize the operation of fans and reduce their energy consumption due to automatic analysis of the air condition in the room. CO2 analyzers and other gas analyzers, including methane, propane and carbon monoxide, automatically regulate the supply of fresh and exhaust air through a heat exchanger.

Energy saving

Automated climate and heating control systems can minimize the cost of electricity, gas and other energy carriers by selecting the optimal operating conditions for heating appliances, air conditioners and ventilation. With manual adjustment, it is difficult to choose this mode. This is especially difficult when the weather is constantly changing. Intelligent climate control itself regulates the heat supply or the operation of the air conditioner, depending on the weather outside.